I want to try a vehicle. What should I do?

You can register a test request on our website or call us. Our team will contact you as soon as possible to arrange an appointment to perform the test.

How can I book my Wallys ?

You can make a reservation by visiting the showroom, by e-mail or by phone.

What is the delivery delay?

The delivery time depends on the vehicle and the parameters of the order. It takes an average of 5 to 6 months from the date of confirmation of your order.

Who is taking care of the registration process for my new vehicle?

Your dealer takes care of all the steps necessary to register a new vehicle.

Can I choose my car color ?

Your Wallys is the ultimate customizable vehicle! More than 250 body colors can be combined at will.

Is the tarpaulin waterproof ?

The tarpaulin completely closes the cabin and thus protects the driver and passengers from rain and wind. Modular and fully removable, this waterproof tarpaulin adapts to all weather conditions and has been specially designed to withstand all climates (sun, snow, rain).

Where can I buy Wallys spare parts ?

Wallys sells its spare parts only through its network of official representatives. You can also purchase accessories and spare parts by contacting us by phone at +216 98 697 578 or by e-mail at

Payments ?

For our international customers payment can be made via Paypal or bank transfer after placing your order. You will find the payment details in the order confirmation that you will receive by e-mail after receipt of the payment.

I need a Wallys funding. Who do I speak to ?

You can contact us; our team is at your disposal to inform you on this subject.

Wallys sales network ?

For the moment in Europe we have opted for independent representatives who will make you discover the Wallys. These representatives advise you in every way and you can buy new Wallys or opportunities through them.


Wallys is always looking for new representatives or distributors. Are you interested in sharing our passion, please kindly contact us via or by phone.

How to initiate a partnership approach with Wallys ?

We invite you to send us your request by e-mail on Be sure to make a brief presentation of your company stating your interest in engaging yourself.

We invite you to e-mail us at

We recommend that you specify the sector (s) of activity (s) in order to target your professional wishes. Please attach your CV, photo and cover letter attached. You will be informed by e-mail of new job offers corresponding to your profile.

How to visit the WALLYSCAR factory ?

It is possible to visit the factory WALLYSCAR; BUT you have to make an appointment on before coming.

Why insure my vehicle with you ?

Insuring your vehicle with us is the guarantee that in the event of a loss, your vehicle will be repaired in a Wallys authorized dealership, if you wish, by trained professionals and with guaranteed original parts.


In addition, you will not have any advance of expenses because a support will be directly delivered to your repairer Wallys.

What manufacturer warranty is offered by Wallys ?

For any new vehicle, the manufacturer's warranty is 3 years or 100,000 kilometers (without mileage limit for the first year), the first of these two limits reached.


The guarantee covers:


  • Any defect attributable to manufacturing or assembly error.

  • Any perforation of the body due to corrosion for 30 years..

I wish to sell my car, how can I estimate it ?

Unfortunately, we can not estimate the value of your car over the phone or over the Internet. We advise you to get closer to your Wallys dealer to make this estimate.

Quels sont les engagements de WALLYS & VOUS ?

WALLYS & You,these are 5 concrete commitments made towards its customers:


1. Keep you informed of the follow-up of your order.

2. Additional work without your agreement = work offered!

3. You return your vehicle at the agreed time and price.

4. Reward your loyalty by offering you privileged advantages.

5. Always stay tuned.

What are the characteristics of the IRIS?

The 6 main advantages of the IRIS:


1. An iconic design.

2. A real cabriolet.

3. An economical motorisation.

4. A body of unparalleled strength.

5. Simplicity of maintenance.

6. Mechanical reliability in any event.

A Wallys a 100% Tunisian car?

Wallyscar is a 100% Tunisian company and brand and more than 57% of its automotive components are of Tunisian origin. Like any car manufacturer, we have suppliers around the world, guaranteeing the best quality and reliability of our vehicles.

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